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Ambrosia Ambrosia

Lavender Tea Tree, lotion

This all natural, chemical free lotion wonderfully conditions and softens your body wherever applied. The essential oil of lavender calms your skin, while the tea tree serves to rejuvenate - a perfect blend of health and luxury. A very excellent product.

Try our luxuriously rich lotions. We have several different scent combinations: this listing is for our Lavender Tea Tree scent. Dry skin, look no further. Our luxurious lotions are here to help. Our lotions are rich but will not break the budget. We pride ourselves in the use of our all natural ingredients, so you need not worry about what is going on your skin.

Our Bliss Lotions have many uses: as a cold cream, yes; go a head and wash your face with it. Bliss Lotions can also be used as a wonderful lotion for your face and body. Dry, hard to manage hair? You got it, wet your hands and put a very tiny amount in the palm of your hands, rub together, then apply to your dry hair to keep it how you want it--no fly-aways! Bliss Lotions offer three wonderful uses and just one product. Try one today!

We have one convenient size pump: 8 oz.